Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello Again

Wow. A month. That might be a new record in ignoring the blog. It's been quite a month though. Going in chronological order, I'd have to start with our Big Bend trip, and then Easter, and then the spring birthday presents we've worked on, but I think all that might have to wait. Instead, here are some moments from our relatively low key weekend...

Right now the kids are ODing on PBS kids and I have mountains of laundry to do and miles of errands before I sleep. Did anyone else memorize that poem in sixth grade? I think I might prefer Mending Wall, but that's just my introversion talking.

Speaking of fences, we are finally entering the world again, after this crazy month. We are going to be hospitable, and have friends over for dinner tonight. I am making ziti, because I've made it a billion times and I know how hard it is to mess up.

We've been living with the windows open again, here at the tail end of Chase and Wren's allergy season. I love these spring rains, and this last breath of cool before summer really flattens us. And I am already really really looking forward to next fall.

Mid October, to be exact.