Tuesday, December 7, 2010

pictures from my phone

Clearing out the pictures from my phone somehow drops to the bottom of my to do list more often than you'd think. I still might do it more often than I manage to shower... which says very bad things about both my to do list, and my priorities. Because no matter what else is going on, I make time to acquire and ingest completely insane amounts of coffee every day.

So far Ben has had three or four baths? I've lost count. I know there was at least one at the hospital. Either way he's bathing more than me, which is pathetic. He's screamed his way through all of his baths so far. Hard to believe for a kid who got a 9 on his Apgar for not yelling loud enough. I guess he feels like he's got something to prove.

Here's this one, this delightful middle child, with her mouth full of ice cream and very temporarily not yelling. She is both a trial and a joy, in new ways everyday, and of course also in the same terrible ways as yesterday.

And Ben again, on his first Amy's trip. I may have spooked the locals a bit (hard to do in our neighborhood) with my skills at simultaneously eating and dispensing dairy products. What can I say? The udder murals were inspiring.

Our lovely eldest, giving the sideways eye to who knows what. She is loving Kindergarten so much, and really coming out of her shell. It turns out that under the shell she's a little bit of a sassypants. It's going to be challenging to walk the line of encouraging her to explore her wit and also not raising a total jerkface.

Not that she's capable of that. Here she is modeling a slouchy hat for her cousin Ava. Ava was also the recipient of a birthday card made by Wren. Wren's cards are always a labor of love, with much thought and struggle put into them. She is a loyal and devoted friend, and loves to plan presents and surprises for her people.

And Ben yet again. Snuggled up in bed, already a side sleeper if he has his preference.

And in the laundry basket. Hey how else am I going to carry both the baby and the basket of clean clothes upstairs? A new baby sadly does not mean my big babies no longer need clean clothes. Although somewhere during my third and fourth wash cycle everyday I rethink nudism.

I seem to be determined that Ben will not be the typical third child. Look at all those pictures! And he already has a baby box, which is what I do instead of books, because honestly, I will never ever make a book. But a box? Sure! I can toss stuff in there every now and then. I like to set the bar low so I can feel better about myself.

For instance, today I will return the library books that are two weeks late, I will buy more coffee, I will wash a load of diapers, and I will put my Grandmother's birthday present in the mail.

Huh... doesn't look like showering made it today either. Damn.