Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013


This was sort of a low key, bittersweet Easter for us. Chase and I were both down, the kids seemed to be UP and then DOWN and then UP and etc... the entirely predictable result of sugar + adrenaline fueled egg hunts + parties + "good behavior" rules at church. 

Meltdowns were absolutely in the cards, for all of us. 

But we had some good times -- I am relatively sure we found all the eggs. It's the kind of thing that will announce itself eventually, if we did miss any. 

The kids all got a book, crayons, bubbles and a chocolate bunny. I vacillate between thinking we might underplay things in a reaction to consumer culture, and thinking of the paroxysms of unbelievable joy this haul would throw Laura Ingalls into... 

and I think I'm okay with our middle ground. 

We also got deviled eggs. A pot luck brunch for Easter is a great idea, but it's not really Easter without deviled eggs (and... uh... that other thing. A risen Christ?) So we had to bring eggs. 

And now we're in the Easter season, and spring time... corner turning time, if I can find one. In the spirit of Childhood Whimsy: Barest Effort Edition, we froze the girls' bowls of cereal last night, so this morning they tried to pick up their spoons and shrieked at the April Fools hilarity. A good start to the day, and the week, I hope.