Sunday, May 19, 2013

Third Annual Family Camp on the Blanco

I love this camping trip -- every year there's a new baby or two in the group, and some families who make it for just lunch on Saturday, or just the first night, or the second night. Some folks camp just so they can stop at Cabella's on the way (cough... Chase... cough) and some bring their laptops so they can drive into town and get some work done in between building campfires and monitoring kids for leeches.

Chase camped solo the first night with Wren because Jane was running a fever and went to bed at about 4:30 in the afternoon.  We joined them Saturday morning and had a (mostly) great day.

The kids proved to be supremely incapable of throwing the ice cream ball around fast enough to make ice cream so the guys rigged up a pulley system and we ended up with milkshakes. This was moments before Ben stepped in the embers of the previous night's campfire and sent the Roden's home. Super Nurse Dee provided on site burn treatment that Dell Children's later told us kept him from having to go into the emergency room. He's got some blisters on his toes and we have a follow up on Monday but he's not in pain and is moving around just fine. We are so grateful. And we are happy to be home and healing. 

Looking forward to Family Camp 2014 (this time with more shoes) (and hopefully fewer leeches).