Monday, October 31, 2011


We are still here, busy and well, only lacking the charger for our camera... So unfortunately I just have the evidence of phone pictures, both with and without super exciting Instagram filters, to document my very favorite season.

This is a tiny sweater, blocking out on my bed. Luckily that's Chase's side of the bed, because I didn't use enough towels and things were sort of damp and sheepy over there that night.

I knit my first pair of socks, my first sweater, my first real lacework, and my first pair of mittens in the last month. The socks are on Chase's feet (turns out I don't like socks) the lacework went to a wonderful friend for babysitting, and the mittens are in the Christmas gift pile.

I've also made baby hats and baby mitts, but those are fast and I've made them before. Fall tv and fall weather combine to make the perfect knitting storm. And of course there's always the best show on earth to knit to- old 30 Rock.

Also of course working in the evenings means the library is nice and quiet and other than finding the occasional book on reserve, and chatting with the library ghost, I can just knit the night away.

On the first day with a high below 80 degrees I made gingerbread, pumpkin bread and even more pots of coffee than usual. I made a pumpkin cake for Ben's birthday, that was supposed to look like this:

And actually looked like this instead...

Upside-down in the mixing bowl it sort of slopped into. So then I made him a gingerbread cake instead.

And this is sadly the best picture from his little birthday dinner. Stupid phone. But it was a lovely night.

The other big news in our life right now is our new housemate --

Fierce the Bunny. His owner, my sister Anne, is also living with us. Which means Ramona can usually be found right here

curled up on Anne's pillows. At least until Ben finds her, and then she reverts to hiding in her favorite, baby proof closet.

To summarize, we're great, but too busy to find the damn camera charger.