Friday, June 12, 2009

birthday party and swimming

We went to our friend Meredith's birthday party last week and we all had a really great time.

The girls got itchy from mosquito bites, and from rolling down the hill a thousand times in their swimsuits, but I don't think it bothered them that much.

Wren had a few wardrobe issues that I can't resist documenting. I have a feeling that four is probably the cut off for sharing this kind of thing on a blog. My poor daughter. She's just lucky I don't have access to the poster printer at her dad's office.

And Jane had the usual falling down issues. Thanks to the intervention of those two lovely ladies on either side of her, she only faceplanted from the bench TWO times, not three.

This awesome face is the result of being denied a second cupcake, not from falling down. Generally she recovers pretty well from bruises, but don't mess with her food source.

And here we are wading in the Barton Springs dog pool. It was slowly getting dark, Wren was doing a crazy dance further out in the cold pool, and Jane was pouring water back and forth in her little bowls. It was a really nice evening, even though we left before the girls were quite ready to call it a night. We drove around with the windows down until they fell asleep in the car, and then carried their heavy, hot, mosquito-bitten little bodies to bed. It felt like the real beginning of summer.

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