Monday, October 5, 2009

blah blah blah

It's been cloudy and rainy here which I love, but is also not so great for taking pictures. Wren is sick, with a terrifying cough. It's the kind of thing where you know that -all- kids have a cough like this, and you coughed like this when you were a kid, and you don't need to bundle her up and take her to the hospital as long as she's taking breaks from hacking to torment her sister and digs holes in the yard. But also there's the part of you that thinks of every movie where the adorable moppet coughs once like that and then the next scene is the Victorian family standing around a grave. THANKS MOVIES.

Whatever Wren has is definitely not swine flu, which sets her apart from the 30% of her school out with that right now. Nonetheless, we still don't want to be the people on the playground with the hacking cough and the runny nose, since Austin is a bit swine flu crazy right now. We're sort of confined to the house. Thank goodness for the Chinese appetite for American childrens' television programming.

That's the Marsan watch cap- from this great pattern, of course knit in Chase's trademark "most boring gray yarn at the store".

And it's sitting next to a pop up pancake, with carmelized apples on the bottom, from everyday food, which was REALLY GOOD. That's one wonderful thing to counterbalance some of the stuck at home craziness- fall baking. So far in the last week I've made an apple pear crumble, this fantastic plum cake, an enormous plate of gingerbread, and these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Apparently I'm attempting to build up an additional layer of insulation to get me through that ice cold central Texas 30 days or so of coolish weather.

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