Thursday, November 18, 2010

parties parties parties!

Fall is so far very full of celebrations. The last few weekends (and the next few, of course) have been back to back birthday parties for kids in both Wren and Jane's classes. And Wren recently attended her first (half) slumber party. Fun! and also BUSY.

But we love it. And I can always grab my downtime, since it's mandatory for Ben and me to sit down and be still every two hours. And then it's mandatory for Ben to spit up on me.

And it's also helpful to have a reminder about how fast this time goes by... like say seeing that picture of Jane's feet and being reminded of this one, when those shoes fit Wren, and she asked me to put a pink heart on them for her. That was yesterday, right?

Jane's most recent celebration was a gymnastics party, to which she wore this super sporty outfit:

Complete with her very beloved spider ring:

She swung, flipped, bounced...

and finally had an impromptu solo dance party during cake time.

I love my little party animal. Her endless energy will hopefully be inspiration to pull the rest of us through this season. I love love love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there's no denying it can be tiring and somewhat stressful. Jane lives hard, plays hard and parties hard, and it's difficult to be worried about a to-do list when she ropes you for the fifth time that morning into her dance party.

And someday much sooner than I like I will be trying to talk Ben into those shoes, saying hearts aren't really so girlish, and look they're hardly even pink anymore! Just put them on for a minute so I can take a picture...

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davatron5000 said...

Her constant going is also hilarious. Good luck when all 3 of those kids are mobile. :)