Tuesday, May 3, 2011

McKinney Falls

Water levels were a bit low, and Onion Creek might have been giving off a slightly more "oniony" flavor than usual. Onion rolled in putrid fish maybe? But that wasn't going to stop us!

Something that was going to stop us though, or at least stop the girls, was any bug at all, even if it was just a rumor of a bug. We have got a serious phobia brewing here.

Which is weird because they are totally cool swimming deep into the water and getting their toes nibbled on by millions of minnows they can't see. Honestly? I'd be more worried about that, than about a grasshopper on the way to the car.

But whatever, that's just me. Sitting on a blanket, pulling handfuls of river rocks out of Ben's mouth every 20 seconds.

It was a nice day, and I really hope this tiny bit of rain we're getting is followed by a lot more, so our next visit has a rush at the waterfalls instead of a trickle, and maybe a little bit less eau de low tide.

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