Wednesday, February 15, 2012

christmas pictures

We didn't take that many pictures this Christmas, but looking back over my life as a parent, I realize that the things I document are things I am obviously much much more likely to remember. 

So I'm going to dig some of those paltry few pictures out of iphoto and stick them up here. And I'll do the same for the gifts I made. So I don't forget and give you the same thing next year.

These were little ornaments the girls made and decorated- a pack of clay from the craft store and the christmas cookie cutters. They stamped their names on one side, and painted (and glittered) the other. We punched a hole through the top and tied them to the presents. It was perfect because Wren could be all precise and exact and Jane could stamp whatever the hell she wanted and spray glitter in a 10 foot radius, and we ended up with a sack full of these. Cheap, engaging for both of them, good Advent calendar activity.  #woulddoagain.

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