Tuesday, February 21, 2012

christmasy whatnot on fat tuesday

Cowls for the nieces - a fluffy cream one with just a little ribbing and a more drapey green one in a stitch I found on Ravelry and of course now can't remember. Meh. 

At least now I'll remember that I actually made them, and what color they were, and hopefully I can try to slowly move away from "Weird Aunt Kate" status over the course of the next several years. Doubtful, but you know, we all have dreams. 

Knit wear for tweens is more in the line of garnish, sort of like a bow on the -actual- present. And I can respect that. My mom is the queen of gift giving and her philosophy is 'Give people what THEY want, not what you think they should want.'

It seems simple, but it's really not. And I don't really follow it- gifts, especially gifts for kids, are a responsibility to make them understand that there's music out there beyond LMFAO, and (in the case of my own) if you want them to love Little House you've got to get in on the ground floor, before they find Junie B Jones on their own. I'm just saying. I'll never be a master of disinterested giving like my mom - graciously handing over the zillion dollar high tech rafting paddle to your daughter who has no pants that fit. That's like some Zen shit.

BUT I am on her wavelength enough to believe that giving a couple of pretty awesome tweens WOOL COWLS and nothing else for Christmas would land me so far over the "Weird Aunt Kate" line there would be no coming back.

Another trick to gift giving is to... you know... actually GIVE something. Other than a ball of yarn attached to a work in progress. To my deep shame but absolutely no one's surprise I have STILL not finished said tween's mom's Christmas scarf. In my defense it's lacework. In silk. I don't know what I was thinking.

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