Tuesday, March 6, 2012

84th Kite Festival

A good thing about an annual tradition is that it lets you keep track of other things as well. 

For instance, Jane has been miserable and sick during the Kite Festival for as long as she's been vocal. She's had to be carried on someone's back from Rock Island all the way up the hill to Bluebonnet Trail. 

It's perfectly clear that the festival coincides with the beginning of oak pollen season, the moment at which the already pretty crappy immunity of my family is at an all time low. But I'm sure the day is coming when the kids will kick and scream and not want to go anymore. When it won't be so miraculous to get the kite in the air and keep it there, only bashing random onlookers in the head a couple of times. 

When it won't be so hilarious to see a billion dogs getting their leashes tangled up in a billion kite strings. Who am I kidding- that's always going to be hilarious. 

But we did it! Kite in the air! Port-a-potty challenge accepted. Stroller with a flat tire defeated! Parking on top of giant hill completed! 

Squeezing a grumpy dehydrated family into a tiny station wagon (with no AC and windows that are stuck closed)?

Done. Totally worth it. We'll be back next year.

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