Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lessons from my Dad - Part 3

When you make a fist, put you thumb on the outside. Hit them hard enough that they know you mean it.

The front part of the big dipper points straight to the North Star.

You'll remember a criticism a lot longer than a compliment. Be careful with your words.

Only eat the ones with curled tails. A straight tail means the crawfish wasn't alive when it went in the pot.

It's one of the worst things that can happen to a person -- falling in love with a crazy person.

Your siblings are the only ones who will know where you really came from. You won't always be fighting and one day you'll need each other.

Never get on a motorcycle. Never.

Invest in a quality turkey roasting pan- the cheap ones will bend and dump a gallon of boiling grease into your boots. You'll spend Thanksgiving being thankful for vicodin.

Here -- you should read this book. It meant a lot to me.

If you get hungry enough, you'll eat anything.

Stand up for your little sister when someone picks on her.

If they're saying it about someone else to you, they're saying it about you to someone else.

The person who gets the bite with shot in it has to help Granner wash dishes.

Point the big part of the oyster down, point the hinge toward you, slide your knife in to pop the hinge, then around the inside, then tilt it up and eat the whole thing in one bite. Unless there's a pearl.

If you get up before five every morning you can make the coffee exactly how you like it.

Never put any part of your body between the dock and boat. You're not stronger than the ocean.

A flat muddy spot on a sunny bank means there's probably an alligator around somewhere.

Always keep your wake low around canoes. It's common courtesy.

Gentlemen don't wear hats indoors.

Pardon my French.


Sean and Jenny said...

love it! these are publishable. and I'm willing to bet the stories behind them are, too!

Meredith Griffin said...

i learned some things reading that. he is a handsome man.