Wednesday, April 25, 2012

grandad's house

We snuck out of town on Friday afternoon for a quick trip to visit Beaumont. We got the tail end of blackberry season, so the girls had some fun snacking.

We all got some thorns too, but they're worth it, of course. 

We probably picked about two cups of berries total, but sweet Shawn told the girls she would make a pie out of their berries (and supplemented with the gallons of berries she's got in her fridge). 

Janey remains a bit of a liability to have along on a berry picking mission - few of the berries she picks make it to the basket. She does however, bring lots of morning glories. So there's that. 

On the way home we visited some awesome friends at the beach, and then we took the ferry home! 

Exciting stuff, kids running around the deck while I anxiously count the number of lifeboats... My family would save bread for weeks leading up to a ferry trip. Then we'd stand at the back of the ferry and toss it to the seagulls. I did not share this nostalgic remembrance with the girls. Not coincidentally, I also did not bring a hat. 

Chase and Wren stayed on the top deck and saw LOTS of dolphins. 

Janey wanted to be closer to the action - we spotted two dolphins in the channel and watched them jumping over and over. 

It was a good trip and it's good to be home. We'll go visit Beaumont again in May (for my dad's birthday!) but it feels like every weekend between now and then is already packed. Spring goes by so fast!


The Williams Family said...

Yes! classified as "awesome friends"

You did bring a hat, but you forgot it at the beach. I'll mail it to you or send it back with Casey.

And yeah, the ferry has 0 lifeboats. My plan in a ferry emergency is to pull the life jacket hatch open, grab a handfull, throw them on my family, jump in and swim away as fast as I can (holding children) before we all get sucked under with the boat.

Kate said...

I plan to wrench a door from the frame that LOOKS like it's big enough for two people, but actually is only big enough for me, since I'm going to spread out full length . Chase will dangle from the end and hold my hand until the tepid flat waters of the gulf cause him to slip into a deep drowny sleep. I mourn forever, but you know, keep the giant diamond because I'm not stupid. Pelicans will scoop up the children and deposit them safely at the Gulf Coast Market.