Friday, April 13, 2012

visiting the lake

I'm trying to prepare myself for the summer -- it's coming. Pretty soon now it's going to be me and these three, all day every day. There are some things I'm really looking forward to- not packing lunches, not forgetting to shove a girl scout tunic in a backpack, not shoveling out from under the weekly paperwork packet I find in each bag...

Pink skinned sandy children who sleep REALLY well at night because they're so worn out. Serving hot dogs and watermelons for dinner as often as I can without risking rickets. Seeing Wren dive to the bottom of the pool for diving sticks, and hopefully, seeing Jane swim all on her own this year.

Going to the beach for the first time with poor little neglected Ben, and back to the creek of course, and going camping at the Guadalupe river again, and the Pedernales, and maybe even making it out to Garner State Park although I heard it's already all booked up. 

I'm looking forward to lazy mornings where we're not rushing out the door to do anything in particular, and lazy afternoons where Wren has disappeared with a book, Jane is watching My Little Pony for the 57th time and Ben has taken everything out of the tupperware drawer and filled it with dishwashing detergent...

Okay so there are a few things I'm not looking forward to exactly. But that's the point of a preparatory jaunt to the lake. To help me remember what I'm getting into, and just how much fun it CAN be. So when I'm pulling the 4th roll of paper out of the toilet in a day, somewhere in mid-July, I'll decide to load up all the kids in the van with the swim bag and head to the lake. I'll watch them jump off the end of the dock into the water like they're stuck in a time loop, and then when they all fall asleep at 6:15, faces in their watermelon slices, I'll make margaritas and get ready to do it again the next day. 

Wish me luck. 

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-- chase said...

You're a true American hero for going to the lake by yourself with three kids. I salute you.