Monday, October 22, 2012

On my honor, I will try:

Wren and I went on our first Girl Scout campout this last weekend and to be honest I was initially kind of dreading it.  I mean, Wren's friends with these kids, but I don't really know their moms all that well. And a weekend spent in the constant company of my peers.... well. Introverts wil understand my ambivalence.  Also I couldn't get to the library before we left so I was terrifyingly bookless. 

The first views of the campground, looking like the setting for the lowest of low rent "THE HOOK WAS IN THE SIDE OF THE CAR" style stories, were not super comforting. 

But we stuck it out, we PARTICIPATED (which anyone I've been to camp with since the age of 10 will find hard to believe, but I promise Kelly, I participated). And Wren participated until her lips were blue - swimming in the middle of October. 

We treasure hunted -- here the girls are heatedly discussing what exactly this clue means, and which direction they should run frantically towards next, while a pack of shuffling, winded moms stop to gulp from water bottles in their wake. 

Our treasure hunt ended at the Guadalupe, looking so lovely in the fall weather.  Cypress trees and Sycamore trees. I love Texas river bottoms. 

Is there a badge for falling in a river? If so I will be painstakingly sewing it onto a Brownie vest at some point in the next few weeks.  

Overall it was great, and I'm so glad I went. It was a special chance to spend time with Wren when I wasn't consumed with logistics or refereeing, or doing anything but enjoying her. We walked in the woods and sang at the campfire and got to talk about school and books and friends and all sorts of stuff on the drive with just the two of us. 

And forced interaction on a weekend long scale is just the right way to force an introvert to make friends with other moms, it turns out. We both survived, and we'll definitely sign up to do it again in the spring. Maybe Wren's troop will be the color guard that time! I'd better make sure I can remember my Girl Scout pledge. 

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The Williams Family said...

Participation?! I hope you and Wren still found some time to bond over a jar of Nutella.