Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Walnut Creek

Our neighborhood creek has water in it again and we've been going whenever we can, in the hopes that if the dog runs enough he will forget to eat all our favorite things when we get back home.

He usually doesn't forget. It's like puppies at this age have a little 'to-do' list to work through. 

-- one item of sentimental value from owner's childhood (CHECK)
-- one expensive and hard to replace item previously in daily use (CHECK)*
-- every pencil and toilet paper roll in a 5 mile area (CHECK)
-- treasured children's toys that they will certainly throw giant tearful fits about (OH HELL YES ALL THE CHECKS FOREVER)

They still love him somehow. Children are forgiving. Especially if they are little woodland elves, as this one certainly is.  She always finds a walking stick on our hikes and then leaves it by the beginning of the trail "so someone else can use it!"

Everyone's favorite game - throw rocks in the creek, making Bear think that he should fetch them, until he becomes increasingly frantic and desperate and starts diving with his whole head under the water, inhaling gallons of Walnut Creek in the process. 

So maybe actually these particular children are not actually that forgiving after all....

*bonus puppy points for any Apple products, obvs. 

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