Monday, August 26, 2013

gilchrist beach

Hello, Ocean? This is Ben. 

After the beach we drove down highway 87 until we hit the big waterslide that I probably spent about a week-per-summer on as a kid. All three kids loved it, although Ben slammed into a "clog" of high school boys half way down and got a giant knot in his forehead. Love those Gulf Coast safety regulations! We were there for an hour, and Wren did not stop the entire time. She was either walking up the hill to the slide, sliding down the slide, or swimming from the slide to the edge of the pool to get out and start walking up the hill again. I still have water in my ears. 

School started this morning for Wren, and starts on Wednesday for Jane. This was our last time on the beach this "summer" -- but real summer in Texas is no respecter of school calendars-- and the beach will continue to be hot and swimmable until at least the end of September. So we'll probably see you again before too long, Bolivar. 

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The Williams Family said...

And the most beautifully seaweed free Texas beaches occur between September and February, so bring on the beach season!

Trent's report from his recent water sliding was that there were 0 life guards, just a few 9th graders hanging out near the bottom. Crystal Beach proves again that places in this world still exist where people are expected to take full responsibility for themselves. 911 SERVICE MAY OR MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE