Wednesday, August 14, 2013

this is our life now (phone photo dump)

what we're doing these days, in pictures: 


unpacking betty draper's kitchen

bar first, of course

buying a trailer

gutting a trailer. 
finding out the trailer has no AC. 

painting barns

painting walls

painting walls again, after ben finds a wet paintbrush and "helps"

hauling things

building things (with help)

building other things

or at least watching jed build them. 
and being on hand to offer him beer and tacos when he's done. 

tearing apart other things
my bee hive tool has proven extremely effective at demo!

buying things

and then fixing those things. 
and running gas lines to them.

sewing things (roman shades, to be specific)

SOME of us have been taking naps. Never at naptime.
and rarely in a bed. 

and of course the constants in this world, other than death and taxes -

and more painting. 

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