Tuesday, September 24, 2013

pedernales and other stuff

We went to Pedernales State Park. The river was not as weirdly green as it appears in these pictures. The kids swam. Ben vacillates between finding fish in the water either exciting or completely terrifying, depending as far as we can tell on cloud formations or solar flares. That day it was a mix of both.  I can safely say the Rodens are definitely no longer aquarium people, for the foreseeable future at least. 

We found our favorite tree - Bear immediately pooped in front of it. At first this was disappointing, but later on in the afternoon it allowed us to observe a female dung beetle up close and personal. UPSIDE!

Jane picked up some litter.

Bear remembered he could swim. Which is sort of the bare minimum on the "being a water dog" scale, but whatever. We were proud of him anyway. I've found that setting the bar low is the key to happy pet ownership. 

Also Ben started nursery school. This is a picture of Jane walking him into class on the first day. He likes it approximately 99% of the time; the 1% being 3 minutes every morning when the teachers are peeling him off my legs. 

And I started my job.  It's going okay. Why do we need so MANY laws though? Could people just stop making them all the damn time maybe? The law library is running out of space. 

ALSO we bought $40 of bricks on Craigslist and straight up just made this pathway in like 3 hours. If you come to my house I will drag out outside to view this path. You have to admire it, out loud, repeatedly, before I free you to discuss or look at other things. Ain't no party like a pathway party cause a pathway party is MANDATORY. 

So that's what blogging is now, apparently. Just a random assemblage of iphone pics I've probably already instagrammed, with additional cursory notes. If you want real blogging... that harkens back to the beautiful marbled text blocks and lovingly carved nibs of a gentler journaling age, please look no further than http://laaazlo.blogspot.com/  where Chase claims he is going to start blogging again although I have my doubts. Because right now we are both VERY VERY tired. What is up with this? WHY are we so tired? We don't have newborns/demanding careers/jetlag. GEEZ get off our backs TIREDNESS. 


-- chase said...

I like that you casually mention that it took three hours to build the pathway, neglecting to mention the three hours it took me to load 1,800 lbs. of bricks onto the trailer.

But good post! I liked it.

The Williams Family said...

Path looks great! Chase, I give you props for moving all the bricks. We gave all the landscaping bricks from our front yard to our neighbors in one of those 'you can have them if you will physically take them off our property' deals. Their 19-year-old son pretty much hates us now.

You may not have a newborn, but you have a new routine, so there's your tiredness cause. Have fun falling asleep on the couch.