Monday, May 18, 2009

Lazy Weekend

With school over for the semester (although not forever- damn you TWU advising department) things are going at a slower pace than usual around here. We had a blessedly underscheduled weekend and we took advantage of it by laying around the house with all the windows open, enjoying the rain.

We also took the opportunity to rally our forces in the ongoing battle of the fleas. Ramona hates us very very much, but at least she is scratching less. So far we have tried the medium harsh chemicals and spot treatments, with little success. This weekend we fell back on homeopathic methods like atomized lemon water (effective, and also therapuetic for the sprayer) and pans full of soapy water.

Also, we added some apple cider vinegar to Ramona's food, which just seems to make the fleas jump off of her and onto us. So ACV short term fail, potential long term win.

If our efforts do not result in an immediate mass die off I am going to resort to scorched earth house tenting and flea bombing measures, because I am SO ANGRY when I see flea bites on little Janey's pudgy legs. I WILL KILL YOU FLEAS. I AM COMING FOR YOU.

Also this weekend we made cookies.


-- chase said...

I'm tempted to blame us for the flea problem, but then I remember that we tried at least four separate methods of de-fleaing Ramona before we started seeing flea bites on the kids. Stupid flea bastards, will nothing kill you forever?!

-- chase said...

P.S. I mean to sign that comment as "Captain Jorts"

xieferris said...

i am surprised that Advantage doesn't work for you.... it works like a charm for the cats. bloody expensive, but worth it.