Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Side Hugs All Around

Hey Blog, will you be my accountability partner? Something about January knocks me down every damn time. I never have understood New Years resolutions and how anyone can feel ENERGIZED or productive after the last few months is completely beyond me.

I went to the Kindergarten open house at Wren's school last night. KINDERGARTEN. WTF. So much for applying to the Seiffert Family "travel around the world and learn stuff" School. Reading and writing and math and Spanish and sign language and parents asking questions about the curriculum and first grade preparedness. Ugh. So I need to get on that. Turn in paperwork and whatnot.

And my potential employment. I have an opportunity to use my library degree in a fun and exciting way, and although the project is contingent on funding (of course) that may or may not be secured, I should still be acting like they've got it, and doing my best to get this job. Networking and researching and blah blah blah. But I don't want to! There's knitting to do! And also have you seen my new tile floor? I like to spend a few minutes talking to it every day, encouraging it to take root, and deflect dog hair, and continue to shine so beautifully. I don't have time to CALL PEOPLE AND TALK TO THEM ugh how awkward right?

Also we joined the Y. Yea! for healthy families. The girls went to a gymnastics class that they LOVED and the nursery is fantastic and we know people there but also it's kind of far away. And annoying to get to. And Jane tends to take her shoes off in the car. And it's hard to get them to school, much less out of the house to go somewhere optional. My burrow is warm and full of books and sometimes cheetos. Ugh. So I need to actually do that, accountability blog. Even though I do not want to go to there.

AND FINALLY. I finished the eternal scarf, and immediately cast on for Eternal Scarf II The Scarfening. What you don't realize from that picture is that it's not a top down knit- it's a cast on 200 stitches, knit for a while, increase to 600 (SIX HUNDRED) and knit for a little while more. I am somewhere in the middle of that 600, and God save me if I lose count or something. I don't have pictures because it's red, and all blown out, and there's no sunshine in Texas this month.

Once I figured out how the pattern maker's brain was thinking, things got easier, but still, this is quite a slog. With 600 stitches on the needle it feels like it should end with a sweater, not a dainty little ruffle scarf. And the best news is, this isn't even a late Christmas present. This was a birthday present for someone BEFORE CHRISTMAS. I haven't even started the Christmas ruffle scarf. UGH. So I need to work on that. I MUST NOT be trolling Ravelry for adorable new patterns or buying yarn (oops) or planning a slouchy hat or anything like that. I MUST FINISH these scarves before I move on to recreational knitting. Hold me to this, blog. As iron sharpens iron. Or something. I don't know. I never actually did that stuff, you know, not having a porn addiction...

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