Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sisyphean Knitting

I drew my Uncle Bill's name in the family Christmas draw. I don't know my Uncle Bill very well. I know he's a lawyer. He lives in Colorado, or sometimes Wyoming? He loves dogs, and his mom (not in that order). He skis and rides horses and hunts things with antlers, and that's about my entire working knowledge of the man.

So Son of Stitch and Bitch to the rescue, with the awesome pattern for the antler scarf.

I really like this pattern, and I love the fisherman's yarn I found at Joanne, and all of this should have added up to a completed scarf sometime back in early December, in time to mail to Colorado (or Wyoming?). Sadly, obviously, that didn't happen. Instead I've been slogging along, cable after cable, at an inexplicable snail's pace. I have NO IDEA why this is taking so long. I wasn't under the impression that I was the faster knitter in the land, but I am also not the slowest. This is completely ridiculous. I have knit my way through hours of trash TV, and what should be yards is inches. This one ridiculous scarf, that I used to find appealing and now want to dunk in kerosene and light on fire, is holding up ALL of the Christmas knitting, that I can't even START on until I've cast the eff off.

Okay, so I should be knitting, instead of venting. I just hope that someday my beloved Uncle Bill enjoys the HELL out of his antler scarf.

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-- chase said...

If it makes you feel any better, I love the antler scarf you made but I would never ask you to make me one.