Monday, January 18, 2010


Some of my favorite gifts this year were the ones the girls made for each other.

Jane was a little bit too little this year to be let in on the secret of Wren's big present (BIKE) but with her dad's help she made a complimentary gift. She and Chase picked out some pink polka dot ribbon, and he held and tied while she cut the ends off.

Janey was pretty overjoyed on Christmas morning to give Wren a set of streamers for her handlebars.

And Wren actually came up with the idea for Jane's gift independently. Jane spends a good part of her life being "Jane Puppy" and Wren thought Jane might like to have a little Jane Puppy friend to go with her. Wren drew a picture of Jane Puppy, which we traced to felt and cut out.

Wren's initial vision had Jane Puppy covered entirely in hearts, but after she arduously drew and traced and cut one heart out, she decided one was probably enough. As the chief seamstress on this project, I encouraged this decision. Jane loves her Jane Puppy and even in the avalanche of new toys from Christmas, JP still gets a good bit of play.

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Aud said...

that puppy is sooo sweet. So is that peacoat of Wrens! Damn, I hope I have a girl someday.