Monday, February 1, 2010


So I have been a bit blue lately, and I think it's partly due to the aimlessness that comes from finishing a big project like school. I'm done, finally, and that's great. But also my days are lacking the drive and focus that I put into completing that one big goal.

And of course my job search is sucking. It's not a huge surprise, but it's disappointing anyway. The jobs I am applying for pay roughly the same per hour as the job I had in high school at the Marble Slab, so that is somewhat dispiriting.

Also we will be fixing our car, instead of taking our long-dreamed of trip to LA this spring.

Also both children have colds and are missing school.

All that is to contributing to the explosion of comfort knitting going on over here.

First up was the antler scarf. I finished it, and then modeled it, looking all emo. I am not smiling because I am slightly pissed at Chase in that picture, and also my neck was super itchy. Stupid wool.

Then came the pair of long overdue ruffle scarfs-

Wren is modeling the red version, and her Aunt Sarah will soon be the recipient of the bluish purple one. Or purplish blue. I think this pattern would be really pretty in a soft oatmeal yarn, if anyone is interested...

I knit a little eyelet cap with the leftovers from that one, that I really have no plans for. It's from this book, and it knit up easy and fast.

Next I cast on for the fantastic Marsan watchcap which is a super addictive pattern. If you make one of these you will be making more for sure. I love that twist stitch, it's so fast and mindless. It goes with you from sermons at church to Project Runway at home. Totally portable thoughtless knitting.

Of course I say that, and then I have to confess that I forgot to do the ribbing until I was about 4 inches in, and realized I was not going to be making that hat after all. So I just ended up with a simple, although somewhat wackily decreased cap. It fits Chase, but I have a feeling that it will find a new home pretty soon.

And currently I am halfway through this little number, for a tiny tiny baby I haven't met yet.

We can thank February light for that picture. The colors are actually cream and purple, the leftovers from Wren's stripey leggings last year.

And I just bought the pattern for the Autumn hat from Jane Richmond. I'm really looking forward to getting some yarn to start that. It came with a little extra baby hat pattern, so that's awesome. Otherwise I probably would have gone for the 'Jane' pattern, which I love.

And I have also recently been overtaken by a crazy urge to make the Joelle Hoverson baby bonnet from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I had that book from the library at some point, and had zero interest in that pattern. But now when I see pictures of it, I want to be making it RIGHT NOW. Weird.

In short, I'm spending the time I used to spend on homework, either on Ravelry or knitting and watching terrible shows. Right now I'm making the first pot roast I've ever made, and my biggest "leaving the house" plans this week involve a truly luxurious solo trip to Savers on Wednesday morning when the girls are in school. In short, for a lady with a very empty uterus, I am doing an awful lot of nesting. I think it's just February. If I can just shoulder the joblessness, sickness, angsty sun and playground withdrawal until the 14th, the chocolate will see me through to March. And then real life can start again.


xieferris said...

I found this site and thought you'd be as excited about it as me... very inspiring old quilts, etc.

meredith said...

kate. this makes me sad to see you are blue. as i am in the midst of juggling school and work, i envy your time to nest and knit. the grass is always greener at the other side i suppose. if i had more money, i would commission a valentine's day scarf for jeremiah!