Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Valentines, for your hair

I decided the girls were getting enough candy from other sources for Valentines day this year, so we went more low key.

I have seen tutorials for these around for a while, and at 9 on Saturday night, I decided the time was right to try them.

It's kind of crazy how addictive they are. I made one, and then I had turned out the button basket and reorganized the closet to get better access to the felt while Chase was still saying, "Um... should I pause Hulu? Are you coming back in here?"

The little purple rose clip sort of disappears into Wren's dark hair, so I probably won't make more of those. But the girls really liked them, and since they had chocolate to unwrap from their Nana too, they weren't sad about not getting candy.

Also we made sticky cinnamon rolls from the Artisan bread book, so that was some comfort.

And in the process of turning the craft closet upside down, I found this:

I can't remember what it's original purpose was. I traced one of Wren's drawings of her dad and embroidered it, I think it was supposed to be a Father's Day gift last year? Maybe a moleskin cover? It's way too big for that, which maybe explains why it's been a crumpled lump in the bottom of one of the fabric baskets for a year. But its long disappearance has endeared it to me, and now I think it's pretty cute. Maybe I'll look around for a frame and find a place to hang it up.


xieferris said...

love the barrettes, esp. the rosette.

Rochelle said...

I bow to you for finding time to do all this AND make cinnamon rolls.