Monday, February 15, 2010


So I'm glad that week is over. Valentines = not my favorite. Wow. We got through the THREE school V-day parties, the candy exchanges, the gifts from Nana, etc. Jane brought flowers to school for her teachers, and Wren made this mess on the kitchen table:

In the process of making these:

The blurry pictures are from the iphone, I forgot to charge the actual camera. I guess I could put them all through ShakeIt and make them cute and retro? They'd still be blurry though. We got the idea for the little matchboxes from various adorable craft blog links that I've long ago forgotten (Sorry! I think it might have been here). Wren loves putting things into smaller things. Heaven is the container store, I guess. And so this was a good craft for her. Lots of tiny little detail work, which is perfect for our afternoon downtime, when she's been on the computer long enough, and Janey is napping, and the weather is terrible.

We made a big batch of them. She ate more candy than she put in the boxes, but that's the point of Valentine's Day, right?

Speaking of making things, this is the face Jane has been making for the last week or so:

I think she is ready for Spring.