Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emergency Teacher Gift

A few weeks ago at the beginning of this never ending yet somehow also technically short month, Wren's teacher sent home the school schedule and noted that this Wednesday, in addition to marking Ash Wednesday, the class would also be celebrating her half birthday...

As someone with a birthday stuck right in the middle of summer, I totally sympathize with the problem (no teacher birthday = no gift certificate to your favorite nail salon and sushi place... oh is that just our school?) But also I think there's probably a cut off age for half birthdays....maybe before thirty?

Regardless, as our family does not contribute the "suggested teacher gift donation amount" of $75 per child, and Wren loves her teacher anyway, I end up making the presents.

So far this year Wren helped me whip up a batch of orange body scrub from the Martha recipe for the Christmas gifts, and Chase and I made a bunch of apple butter for previous birthdays. This is the last of the year though, and I remembered that note about 5 minutes before I wanted to be sleeping.

Last night I grabbed the scrap bag and the hem of an old pair of pants and pieced this little rice eye bag. It's just a sloppy rectangle, basically, first sewn right sides together, with a little opening, and then top stitched to keep the rice from escaping. I added a few drops of lavender/chamomile essential oil to the rice, to make it nice and calming, I hope.

I hope Wren's teacher likes it. We have a parent conference coming up on Monday, so if she is allergic to rice/and/or/chamomile and lavender I guess I'll find out then.

And Jane's conference is this Friday morning.

Jane. Who is 2. And has a conference. Possible discussion topics:

- How is the pooping going?
- And what about the nose picking?

STAY TUNED. I will find out all the details soon enough.


Anonymous said...

I am 30 and plan to celebrate my half birthday in a few months :)

And the gift you made is very thoughtful, specially for a teacher!

rachel said...

this post makes me crazy with rage. maybe this is my lifetime of public school talking, but teachers don't have birthdays and they most certainly do not get $75 PER CHILD on their freaking HALF birthday.

this is deranged.

i really like your present choices, though. you are actually the best last minute present maker ever.

Rochelle said...

So funny.

I am childless, but my niece is a teacher -- in east Harlem in NYC bless her -- and I don't think she ever sent birthday notices home with the kids, even if hers is in January. Though she is 31, lol. I will have to ask her if there is a "suggested gift" of anything per child!

It is a win win though to make gifts for teachers your babies love though, right? To make apple butter with them even better. I bow to you that you can sew! My mother did and I never had the knack.. Ironically, I have been a fashion stylist for people on stage and TV and film for years, lol.

I have to check out the body scrub.