Monday, February 22, 2010

Car Knitting

We went to Beaumont this weekend, with an awesome layover to visit some of our favorite Houstonians.

I remember going to the Houston Zoo as a kid but I don't remember it being so great. We were all pretty wowed by the habitats. Wren hadn't been to the zoo since we left LA and Janey had never been. They had a blast, and we will definitely be back.

The actual drive wasn't too bad. I finished the 'Autumn Hat' last week, and took it apart to make it more slouchy on the trip. It feels so wrong to cut into your knitting. Very tense, especially in a moving car.

Chase assures me that it turned out okay, although I think it could still use more slouch. This is the first hat I've made for myself since a rolled brim hat I made the month I started knitting, 7 years ago. Weird.

Seeing family was great, and we got to go on what was basically a catered double date with my BFF and her husband (thank heavens he was there, or Chase would not have survived). It was an alumni event for my middle school, honoring our retired headmaster, and was, strangely enough, a really great time.

We're back in town now, and I admit to not exactly embracing another week with gusto. Forget gusto, I am not embracing anything. I am sitting on the bleachers with my arms crossed, gossiping and watching my classmates slow dance to Desperado.

Ah, middle school.

Anyway, yeah. I need another weekend.


Rochelle said...

Ok, can I just tell you --I'm so impressed that you knitted this hat to begin with, let alone that you worked on it in a moving car! Looks great, love the color.

I found your blog because I'm a docent for the Houston Zoo and also blog for their website. I'm glad you decided to stop by on your road trip.

I moved to Houston a few years ago and started visiting the zoo, and thought it was such a beautiful place, I started volunteering to be there more. What I discovered was a place with really wonderful people who also treat the animals like gold. So I'm a big fan.

Have a few blogs of my own though and really like how you write so I'll be back to visit here. If you have time, please stop by mine :-)

Kate said...

I love your zoo blog, Rochelle! I've been looking at it with the girls and they are hooked. I'll put it next to in "grumpy kid entertainment."

I'm eventually going to get around to posting our pictures from the zoo- your job sounds incredible. We had a really great time there and will definitely be going back.

Thanks for your comment!