Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey does anybody remember back in early November when I first started talking about making some legwarmers for Wren? I found this pattern, Wren picked out some yarn, and I talked about my progress again here...

Well I guess a three month+ turnaround for the simplest project ever isn't bad. Right? Anyway they're done now. Just in time for what will probably be one of the last cold snaps this year.

And obviously Wren is pretty happy with them. Of course my current project on the needles is a pair for Jane. I'm sure she would like stripes too, but I put my foot down (since she's still mostly nonverbal) and went with a solid blue.

I say she's mostly nonverbal, but in the past week or see we've seen an explosion in her vocabulary. She almost always seems to understand when we ask her questions, for instance, if I ask her to bring something to Wren, or Daddy, she'll do it. And she says Mona now, in addition to general "DOOOOOOOOGGGGG" whenever we see another dog. She's also saying eye, ear, nose, hair, mouth, bye bye, HI!, please, thank you and you're welcome (sort of. those last two are more about syllable and inflection at this point). Of course she's been saying 'banana' since she was a tiny baby, as she eats about 3 or so a day. She has some animal names and sounds, the best of which is her noise for elephant, which involves holding her hand in front of her mouth, looking up, and simultaneously spitting and trumpeting. It's awesome.


davatron5000 said...

i demand a flip video of this talking action!

jessie said...

whoa! Model!