Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wow I wish these pictures were better. Somehow taking low light pictures of a roiling puppy heap does not get the best results. The girls Grandad has asked for a puppy, and he's expressed a preference for daschunds, and so the hunt is on.

Initially I pushed for rescue dogs, but Grandad has a fever for which PUPPY is the only cure, so now I'm trying to sift through breeder (hur) websites and eliminate the obvious puppy mills. Oh what's that? Your 'Mom and Pop' breeding operation involves a warehouse and 14 different AKC breeds? And there are no dogs post-breeding age on the site, or in your home? You don't actually have pets? Um... no thanks. Also, you're probably going to hell. I mean I don't know for sure, but... maybe?

These folks had an adorable website, with no music (immediate +5000 in their favor) and very firm rules about how old puppies have to be before they go home. Their adult dogs were all obviously loved pets, with a big yard and run of the house. And they asked serious questions about what life would be like for a puppy who came home with us.

Jane is at the age (15 months to 30 months) where setting her down in someone else's house is an invitation to all kinds of disaster. If that house is also full of puppies... well it's a miracle we got out of there whole, forget about good pictures. And now the decision is up to Grandad. Jane and I are headed over there to show him the terrible pictures and I imagine that although I will push for Sammy, my favorite, he will pick a "red" puppy, just like Flash- the dog they had when Chase was little.

I am aware that this situation is more or less my family getting a dog on layaway, but that's okay. Grandad should have a puppy if he wants a puppy, and Ramona can always use a friend.


xieferris said...

my vote is with the speckled one at the top! what a cutie. and not your run of the mill dachshund either.

banana said...

so which puppy did he go for?