Thursday, February 19, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference Fun

Here's a picture of Wren's class, in a little chapel production from last week. When asked to stand, everyone but Wren complied. She was also the only one to refused to speak her lines. Her teacher, in the Parent Teacher Conference today, said in massive understatement, "Wren has off days..."

Well yes she does. But she is also just completely her own person, and often is not that interested in what anyone else wants her to do. This can be challenging (another understatement) if what you want her to do is put on her shoes, or stop hitting her sister. But it's not that big a deal if she doesn't want to participate in the chapel play. I am taking this whole obstinate streak as a strength, because Wren will, please God, be the junior high girl who doesn't care what the other kids think. Maybe she is like her dad, and this obliviousness will be a little shell of protection for her intensely sensitive and otherwise easygoing personality. It better have -some- sort of payoff, because otherwise I swear I am just stapling her shoes on her damn feet.

The teacher also told us that when asked if she knew her doctor's name (why?) Wren said "Oh I know my doctor's name! My doctor's name is Dr. Seuss."


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xieferris said...

dr. seuss. i wish he were my pediatrician!