Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daddy's Work

That's what Wren calls the UT Tower, represented here in blocks.

This weekend Wren went inside the tower for the first time- she had to go to the bathroom while we were visiting the turtle pond, and since the tower is home to the mystical and wondrous ladies tower bathroom, I took the chance to show her what her future could hold, if she decides to go to UT.

I'd tried to describe it in the past to Chase, who just flat out didn't believe me. Now though, I've made him walk in the door and look around, and I'm vindicated. Tile work, full length mirrors, marble stalls with oak doors... but the most important part is the door in the middle of the room.

The door opens into a dark narrow room, lined on both sides with couches and pillows. The windows are the kind that crank open, without screens, and they're always cracked a bit into one of the interior tower courtyards, full of pigeons flapping around. I've taken some of the best naps of my life in that room. Bless UT for its antiquated and slightly sexist take on what the lady undergraduette needs. Give her couches! Her uterus will be overset by book learnin'. It demands rest!

Technically, "daddy's work" is actually in the Gearing building, which is also very nice, and was also built with undergraduettes in mind, since it's the old Home Ec building. Other outstanding ladies rooms on campus include the all marble, two chambered one outside the old auditorium in Rainey Hall, and any ladies room in Benedict. ACES is nice and new, and also usually pretty low traffic (not that many girls majoring in CS). Avoid the Union, and any buildings with girl dominated majors, for instance Parlin was always packed and when I was there, and would run out of TP in the middle of the day on weekdays.

After a nice retrospective on bathrooms, I should get back to trying to get Janey to take a nap. Argh.


-- chase said...

I like "undergraduette." I'm going to use that at work and see what happens. I also liked that there is a "rest room" inside the restroom -- you know, for resting. Lucky!

Kate said...

We also push babies out of our bodies.

So I guess it balances out.

theflyingmum said...

Hi, I linked to your blog from your comment at Catherine Newmann's blog (I too am a huge fan) And I just read down a few posts to your post re: baby shoes & the cost of wool felt. I love to craft with wool felt and my sister turned me on to a great source: joggles! Plus they have other amazing supplies and tutorials. Hope that helps :)

Aud said...

are those eric carle blocks? dang, those are cool!

Mary said...

I also really like the ladies room in the basement of the UGL - also know as the Flawn Academic Center. As an undergrad I took many happy naps on the sofa in that bathroom. No windows = totally dark.

jessie said...

All I can think of is how many poop particles (i.e. toots) are locked in those restroom couches.