Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making Valentines

The only way to make Valentines is in a tutu, obviously.

It also helps if your sister can inspect the completed product. Although it's even better if the Valentines are firmly sealed up first.

And it's even better to get all the glitter and glue washed off in the tub. There's no picture of Wren post-bath because she is inevitably screaming her head off about the indignities of hair washing.


rachel said...

did wren get a hair cut!? she looks so cute. and i know it's kinda creepy, but it looks like you're holding little baby chase, fresh out of the bath.

xieferris said...

you and janey look adorable.

jessie said...

Would it be weird if i framed that picture of you and Jane? It is so beautiful.