Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Tote

My sister-in-law had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, but due to a series of mishaps, including the barfing flu, we haven't been able to get together and celebrate until this weekend. We went to CPK, home of the child friendly menu and adult friendly full bar. Eating out with four crazy kids is always more pleasant when you can maintain a slight buzz.

Sarah is a giver of fantastic gifts, and is therefore kind of hard to buy or make for. I can always get her books, and be pretty sure she'll love them, since according to her book club she's always the one who "LOVES" every book they read. And since she's been known on occasion to give hours and days and months worth of gorgeous intricate petit point cross stitch away to friends and family, I know that a specific amount of usefulness is not something she requires in a gift.

So I took a chance with a tote bag.

This was my practice bag (made of old tablecloth) to figure out how to put in a lining.

Sarah's bag has a lining, and a pocket, and a GUSSET! And was also supposed to be full of books, but I had a book buying fail. They're ordered, at least. The bottom is oilcloth, which I bought on accident long ago for I don't remember what purpose. I have A LOT more of it. There just aren't that many projects that require something stiff and semi-waterproof. I guess I'll be making a lot more tote bags.

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