Monday, November 24, 2008


In between homework (which I really should be doing) and packing for the trip, and all sorts of other things significantly more important, I have been trying to squeeze in some Christmas and birthday crafting. If you expect to be on my Christmas list, you should probably either look away, or practice a surprised face for Christmas morning.

The project I am most proud of I actually forgot to take a picture of, because I finished it about 30 seconds before we were out the door to the birthday party of the recipient. Finally, a zipper pouch. I know- not very exciting. But I have lived for years in zipper terror, and the awesome zipper foot on my sewing machine, along with this wonderful tutorial, finally convinced me to give it a try, and it was GREAT. I want to put zippers on everything now. If we had ANY money I would be buying zippers. Chase, when I was saying things like this yesterday, looked at me completely bewildered, "Um, hon...when you were sewing it sounded like you HATED it and you were miserable and it was the worst thing that had ever happened to you...?" Yeah well then I figured it out. So let's just embrace the zipper love.

Next up on the list is this embroidery:

It's going to be the outside of a little rice bag, sort of like this one for my grandmother's birthday. She's in town this week, so I'm hurrying to finish before we go to MS.

These are great because (minus embroidery) they are really fast, and actually useful. You can put it in the microwave (if you use natural fabrics) for a minute, and have a hot pad, or in the freezer, obviously, for a cold pillow. I love them, and someday, I will make one to KEEP.

Next up, leggings for Wren.

She has been so patient waiting for these. She picked the yarn out weeks ago, and has to watch Jane in her stripey leggings all the time. Oh the misery. So I am trying to get these done but ARGH, the finicky little color changes, the tiny needles, I do not love them. Maybe a stocking stuffer? I think these needles are the only ones tiny enough for carry-on, so maybe I can take them on the trip next month. Poor Wren, so neglected. No stripey leggings anytime soon.

And then the truly fast:

These are little felt CD cases for the annual family mix CD, otherwise known as 'we're too poor to buy you a present Merry Christmas!!!'

And last (and also sort of least) this quilt:

which I need to finish binding and quilting. The baby recipient isn't due until Spring, so this one is on the bottom of the list. Obviously any lingering shred of perfectionism has been beaten completely into submission with that one. If I do actually finish it. I may not be able to handle that puckering and have to start over. Ugh.

I have other things that don't qualify as Works in Progress because I am actually, insanely, finished with them. Thank goodness for This American Life, which really powers me through garter stitch knitting, the most boring of all hand crafts. Not to give too much away, folks, but this is going to be a very arm-warmey Christmas. So if you were hesitating over whether or not to buy all those 3/4 length shirts because your wrists might get cold- GO AHEAD. BUY THEM ALL. I'm just here to help.

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jamie said...

I need you to show me how to sew in a zipper. I just took apart a pair of corduroys and realized the zipper's going to give me hell.