Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Table

We are approaching the end of the semester and I am increasingly overwhelmed by homework. Attempting to study at home with the girls leads to frustration, disappointment, and a very sharp tone of voice when answering questions.

I know it's a cliche about three year olds, but YES, THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A STUPID QUESTION. I hear eleventy bajillion stupid questions a day. Not so much stupid even, as just completely unanswerable. No "why is the sky blue?" types. These are just random jumbles of words- grammatically, physically, existentially unanswerable. In fact, I think these might be the kind of questions godparents were invented for. I was thinking Jamie would come in useful during Wren's "hair band rebellion and/or ethics theology rebellion" phase(s), and Kelly obviously will be the pinch-hitter for all calligraphy/90s pop culture/U.S. Presidential history type emergencies. But I realize I have been neglecting a valuable delegating opportunity in my parenting, and the next time Wren asks something like:

"Why is the chair high enough?" or
"Why are cars high up when they're sick?" or
"Are we on a roller coaster?"

just for instance.

We will be popping that little nugget into an envelope bound for the UK or Houston. THANKS GUYS!

Don't worry David and Meredith. Your day will come. I am sure Jane is thinking up some doozies right now, as she is at this moment cramming a stuffed dog, wrapped in Chase's shirt, into a tiny metal case, to drag behind her, while doing what sounds like Lamaze breathing. She is a strange and delightful little person, whose favorite things right now are:

eating, preferably bananas, but also pretty much anything else
playing with whatever her sister is playing with
wrapping up her "babies" in "blankets" and rocking and humming to them
petting the dog
being OUTSIDE and running around
drinking water constantly
and snuggling. She is really the snuggliest baby girl. Her snuggling is not any easier on the recipient now than it was when I wrote about it a few months ago. Still face-crushingly intense.

We will be leaving in a week or so for our Thanksgiving trip to Mississippi, and after that Christmas comes SO FAST. I am behind on Christmas present crafting, but I can't even think about it until I finish my homework. This blog is a procrastination sinkhole, but sometimes you just have to think about something other than Turabian bibliographies, you know? But I should get back to it. Or at least make some more coffee, which is a step in the right direction.


rachel said...

i married bryan brown for many reasons, but his ability to tolerate (and enjoy) the ridiculous was high on the list. you should make him babysit wren.

-- chase said...

How could you not mention my explanation of the AC power transmission yesterday?