Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pumpkin Hat (better late than never)

I actually did finish this pumpkin hat before Halloween, in enough time for Wren to wear it to school for orange day (alternately titled 'the day vengeful spirits rise from their unrestful graves and flow through the world, seeking souls to devour' TM). Anyway, ORANGE DAY went really well, and Wren was -okay- with wearing her pumpkin hat although not thrilled.

Since then it's been pretty impossible to talk her into it. I don't know why she doesn't like it, the yarn is not itchy, it's cute, and she seems really into pumpkins in most other circumstances. I've even tried reverse psychology, and the dreaded sibling strategy ("well if you don't like it maybe JANE will want to wear it how do you like that huh? HUH?") It's pretty transparent though, since Jane is guaranteed to immediately rip anything from her head, including hair if it gets in the way of dislodging foreign objects like clips, headbands or pumpkin hats. And I was actually really careful about sizing this for Wren- I ripped back many previous attempts that were slightly too big or small, so really it fits no one else. BUMMER.

She was paid for this (admittedly crappy) photo shoot in rationed Halloween candy. In spite of careful rationing (HA), we're down to the 'Mounds' folks. Luckily Wren is too deprived to know that 'Mounds' are the crappy candy, and is thrilled with pretty much anything that will melt enough for her to lick chocolate off her fingers. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to bribe her in candy for hat-wearing in general, so this was a one time deal. If you know a three/four year old in need of a pumpkin hat, I'd be interested in talking about a trade. I will trade you for:

- the next season of BSG
- pay my library fines (the amount will not be disclosed until agreement)
- babysitting
- Titos vodka (we're out)
- someone to 'break' into my house and steal all the musical instruments and toys that make noise. Make it look good and I will keep you in vegetable/fruit themed hats for a lifetime.


rachel said...

WTF!?!? i am coming to your house and eating all the mounds, you unappreciative delicious candy hater.

xieferris said...

very cute! wren has no respect for your handiwork.

xieferris said...

ps. i wish that you could teach me to knit. i really want to make some fingerless gloves so that i can wear them in our freezing house and still type.

jessie said...

That hat is really sweet! You are too crafty! (I meant "too crafty" as a real compliment, not a back handed one that means, "get a life Kate") So when do I grow a pair and try to do something besides knitting squares and rectangles?