Thursday, November 20, 2008


What we're talking about:

- Whether we feel sick because dinner was too greasy, or because we've finally gotten the stomach flu from Chase's parents...

- Why Totoro lives in a big "camper" tree

- How to not twist stitches on double pointed needles. I'm going to go with "I meant for it to all kind of go sideways like that. It's hypnotic."

- Who picked up Ramona's poop the last time

- How cute Wren is when she sings the songs (with dance moves) from her little Thanksgiving play at school. "Here is my Arrow/Here is my bow, When I go hunting, here me shout/ Hey! You Turkeys! You better watch out!) And then she goes "nom nom nom," to indicate that she is eating a delicious turkey. I think this is her unique contribution, and not something the other kids will be doing. (Please, parent-brain, remember to put batteries in the flip before the school play.)

- If we should try to re-do the kitchen countertops this weekend, or wait until after Christmas

- If I've done my homework yet (NO GET OFF MY BACK GEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!!!!!!!!)

- If the kids need a bath tonight (YES. Yes they do.)

- How all the arrangements in the Methodist hymnal are geared for singing, not playing on a Rhodes. Also how I might not make it through winter if I hear "In the Bleak Midwinter" a few more times.

- If the washing machine is breaking (possibly), and what we will do if it breaks (become nudists).

- How cute L is! AH! I want to smoosh her! and chew on her feet! (not in a threatening way. Babies like that, right?).

- What we're making for dinner for Chase's parents. (probably carrot/sweet potato soup)

- How awesome this weather is! SO AWESOME! What should we do outside today!?! hike? bike? Oh fine let's fold laundry on the couch while we watch My Neighbor Totoro. AGAIN.

MNT turns out not to be the best "babysitting TV" because Wren loves it so much, and is soooooo excited by everything that happens that she HAS TO SHARE it with you. She runs into the kitchen with updates every 4 or 5 seconds- "There's a little one, and a bigger one, and a HUGE one!" And of course someone has to be on hand for skipping the penultimate chapter in the movie, the only moments of real tension, which Wren DOES NOT WANT. She also needs someone to skip the part where Totoro sneezes. I completely understand that feeling, of wanting your friend to watch and enjoy your favorite movie. I told her she would get to show it to her cousins over Thanksgiving and that is all she is talking about now. How they will all watch it together and then they will sleep in a big bed! together! with her cousins! AHHH!!!!

The pigtails, of course, are also a result of MNT mania. Mei wears pigtails in the movie and so Wren asks for them everyday now. Her teachers are probably used to the 3-4 year old despotic personal grooming/outfitting extremes. Wren has been pretty true to her overall laid back disposition in this way, but sometimes she puts her foot down, and it's not really important enough to me to fight about. So sure you can wear rainbow tights and pigtails every day this month, what do I care?

I hope everyone elses' lives are consumed with such non-essential, boring, and relatively non-stressful questions. Hurray for a drama-less month!


rachel said...

jane is totally freaking me out with her cuteness. and how much she looks like your mom.

also, please tell wren that her dress is very pretty.

xieferris said...

hopefully wren doesn't pick up on their houskeeping habits of throwing huge buckets of water all over the place to get things sparkling clean.

btw there's a new miyazaki film out called "Ponyo On A Cliff" which i haven't seen yet, but am looking forward to.

xieferris said...

ps. i think jane looks more like chase every day. it's crazy. only more cute and feminine and pixieish.

-- chase said...


Actually, we've been watching clips from Annie lately, in which the kids coincidentally throw huge buckets of water everywhere to clean up. It'll be a miracle if Wren doesn't upend a bucket on our pergo this month.

Kate said...

and pippi - don't forget we watch pippi, where she throws buckets of water and then SKATES on them with brushes on her feet. we are apparently into bucket throwing entertainment.

u haz my bucket?