Monday, November 3, 2008

A Weekend in (bad) Pictures

It's blurry, but princesses around here tend to dance -really- fast. Up to the last minute she was going to be Belle, not Snow White, but the Belle dress disappeared and so she was very grown up and decided to have a good time anyway. Excellent avoidance of the "hurting your own feelings" syndrome. I'm also proud of myself for only being a tiny bit bummed that I didn't have time to make Snow White a cape. The Disney princess with the best accessory! No cape! But Wren didn't even know what she was missing.

Why husbands leaving on weekend trips should put their (newly oiled) bikes OUTSIDE. I left Chase a few choice handprints throughout the house. Nothing really demonstrates the superiority of high gloss over eggshell like Jane fingerpainting with bike grease.

Pumpkin Jane was slightly cuter than bike grease Jane. Sadly she only got candy corn, and Wren got the good stuff. She loved trick-or-treating with her cousins- and roving hoards of kids. People rented smoke machines and stuff for their yards. This seems insane to me. Little kids are largely unimpressed by atmospheric moodiness.

If Chase had to go out of town, the weekend after Halloween was not a bad choice. I got first pick of the candy. However, so far our house has been like whatever county that is in Indiana as far as NOT RECOGNIZING THE TIME CHANGE. I don't know if Chase would agree that he's better than me at parenting early in the morning, but he would probably agree that I am a much much nicer person when I get 8 hours of sleep. Preferably 10 and I've been known to take 12 when I can get it.

And lastly, my first attempt at making a pre-fold cloth diaper into a fitted diaper, with velcro tabs. It turned out okay, and fits Jane just fine, but overall the verdict for work/time vs. payoff is kind of meh. I know it would go faster a second time, so I may try it again, if we end up using this diaper a lot. It's easier to have more fitteds, in case, God willing, we ever have a babysitter again, because people tend to have some trouble understanding the snappi. And the Kissaluvs we have are fine but waaaay too expensive for us to buy any more of. I guess you could use this same pattern with some PUL and make an all-in-one, but I've never been convinced those were that awesome. Anyone use them? Are they worth it?

I wanted to use this project to try out the serging stitch on my new machine but I was not crazy about it. Other than taking FOREVER and using up tons of thread, it also looked super crappy and messy. I'm sure I'm just doing it wrong, but since naptime was about to be over at that point, I switched to blanket stitch to finish it. I hope it holds up in the wash.

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