Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laguna Gloria

The fountain by the front entrance. Ever exuberant Jane tried to jump in but I grabbed her in time.

HUG! This in one of their favorite games- full force hug, which usually ends up with everyone on the ground and occasionally ends in bruises and tears. STOP HUGGING YOUR SISTER SO HARD! Ah, passive aggressive sibling love. I remember it well.

Happy Jane on the trail. When she wasn't trying to fall into the lake or the fountain, she was going full speed in whatever direction you turned her in. She is a delight completely, but also just a tiny tiny bit exhausting sometimes.

My favorite people, and Ramona of course. She is in the metaphorical dog house this week (we left the real dog house in LA) for something that wasn't entirely her fault. The open bag of birdseed spilled into the pet food bin, and SURPRISE, birdseed is apparently a powerful dog laxative. If this had been the first pre-6:00 AM dog shit cleanup in the last month or so, I might not be holding such a grudge. Sadly however, this was not the first time we opened the bedroom door to a wall of retch inducing stench. WTF Ramona? WHINE! WE WILL LET YOU OUT!

Anyway, good pictures, huh?

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