Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Unfortunately the pumpkin you see here is no longer with us. It got moldy really fast. Wren keeps asking where her "sick pumpkin" went. Um... to the dumpster, hon.

I hope everyone will have fun on Halloween. I let Wren watch her first -slightly- spooky movie, and she is totally in love. She cannot tell us enough about the cat bus. Tonight we will put on some sort of costumes and go somewhere- we haven't really made up our minds. Whatever we do will be low key, since Chase is headed out of town tomorrow for a long weekend.

The girls and I plan to survive on stockpiled pumpkin seeds.

JK. I don't even like pumpkin seeds. I will be eating all the Halloween candy of course. The girls can have bananas or something.


seth said...

i hope you were responsible parents and made sure she watched the original subtitled version… that dubbing is shameful. I kid!

xieferris said...

Spooky? Really? I love My Neighbor Totoro. When I'm sad I really want to watch that move. Spirited Away is much spookier.

Kate said...

i didn't think we were ready for spirited away. wren wants to sit on my lap when mei first meets totoro. this is scary enough for now.