Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hat! And Contagion!

I wrapped up this hat last night on double pointed needles, staying up late listening to This American Life. It was the one where the baby girls are switched at birth- so bizarre. The hat is not quite that muddy green, more olive- difficult to get a representative picture of that color. It's the free Soule Mama pattern, and it's going to be wrapped up and put away for someone until Christmas. I predict that I will forget it and scrounge around desperately for a present, only to discover it at the last minute and be happily relieved.

Chase fell asleep putting Wren to bed at 8:15 last night. He -finally- caught the hell virus that has laid the rest of our family low for weeks. He had a fever and chills after dinner, and then when I checked on him "helping" Wren brush her teeth, he was stretched out fully clothed in the empty bath tub, resting his face on the cool tiles. Poor poor Chase. I am sad to see him suffer. However, I would not be human if I weren't feeling just a tiny bit vindicated. A tiny bit.

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