Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Homework Break

I have a little breathing space this week, but lately my end-of-semester homework for the MLS has been a bit overwhelming. Chase and I are still having all our hippie commune discussions (this morning Chase asks "How hard do you think it would be to mill your own wood? I mean we'd need to clear the land anyway...") I used that resurgent interest as a jumping off point for my research assignment, and if anyone needs a pretty comprehensive bibliography (including annotations) for resources on sustainable building practices, I am your girl.

By the way, in true hippie fashion, I responded to Chase's question by saying it would be better if we could salvage some milled wood, rather than using resources to make our own. So there.

This is Jane at the Texas Renaissance Festival last weekend. I was taking her picture while Chase and Wren were both trying not to throw up on the weirdly violent version of the teacups. I think it's called "ye olde spinning tankards of mead." That was the first and last ride we rode all day, even though there were other cool ones- giant swings, and llama rides and so on. Wren just wanted to look at all the people in costumes and find out where she could get a princess hat. Chase and I kept wishing we had brought some other friends along. It was a bit isolating, being the only people in a three mile radius who did not want to make wax hands, or respond to vendors in an "English" accent. The turkey legs, though, were worth everything. Truly outstanding.

And there's Wren moping by the bathrooms. I think because I filled up her water bottle before I knew she wanted to do it herself. That was the sign it was time to head home. Not before shooting 10-20 pictures of Mopefest '08 though. We got quite a few disapproving looks for openly mocking her drama queen antics. I'll have to tell you sometime how it feels to have your parenting criticized by adults in hose, velvet doublets, and chain mail, carrying pythons, and pulling their wizarded-out offspring behind them on a wagon.

I'll just go ahead and tell you now- it feels AWESOME.


Dave Rupert said...

i love how "salvaging wood" is mostly synonymous to "stealing wood from construction sites".

and.. this post was hilarious by the way. i wish i could have been there for Mopefest '08... somehow though, i can already tell it was all my fault.

Kate said...

oh dave you are so right. chase and i keep meaning to make a list of all the things that are your fault. just in the last week it's been pretty incredible. you have a lot to answer for.