Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quilt on Hold

The girls reading together sweetly, next to Wren's new old quilt. Grandma heard about Wren's bigger bed and offered this incredibly beautiful wedding chain quilt. I would take a better picture but so far it's always in use. Wren has loved looking at all the different blocks and picking out her favorites. I am dreading having to wash it- any tips on washing imminent bed wetting out of delicate antique quilts? It's a glamorous life I lead.

Since I'm not slip-shodding my way through a fast quilt for Wren, I got inspired by Rachel and made a batch of cute baby wipes. We usually just use washcloths and a spray bottle, but I cut up one of the gazillion flannel receiving blankets in the house (I swear they reproduce in the closets) and backed it with Ikea washcloths and ta-da! We are wiping baby asses in style! The Rodens are nothing if not chic.


rachel said...

hooray for cute butt wipes! they are, by far, the most useful things i've ever made. which, now that i think about it, is kind of sad.

rachel said...

have i mentioned that jane's hair is looking especially awesome these days? like a postmodern doris day. very nice.