Sunday, October 12, 2008

Backpack Weekend

So much for my couch potato plans. We ended up spending most of Saturday on a picnic at some land Chase's family owns in Bastrop (and then driving around bustling downtown Bastrop looking for someone selling pumpkins. No luck- we'll go to the grocery store I guess).

It was piney and remote and we had all kinds of cobb house/straw bale house/Roden commune daydreams.

And Sunday, in a consumerism backlash, we decided to organize all our closets- which necessitated a trip to Ikea. We discovered THE BEST shortcut EVER, and Chase was spared the dreaded Ikea Fatigue Syndrome. We did forget the enormous and shitty picture frame we've been meaning to return for months. It broke as I was unwrapping it. THANKS SWEDES. It is still propped all wonky against our bedroom wall, waiting to crush a child. Anyway...

Yea for cinnamon rolls! And yea for getting our tiny-ish house in order, finally. We took mountains of computer cords and ugly clothes and all sorts of things to Goodwill. And now we can open all our closets without shame (for about a week anyway...)


xieferris said...

the only way that either seth or i can lure the other to Ikea is with the promise of a stop off at the Chevy's across the street for margaritas.

rachel said...

this post gave me heart palpitations. i will build your house for you if you will move to bastrop.