Friday, October 10, 2008

Neti Pot Fail

Sinus Infection Win-

As diagnosed by my new doctor and his friendly tag-along med student this afternoon. Sinus infections are NOT FUN. Also they make you throw up. Who knew?

So no camping, obviously. I'm currently fighting back against the disgusting lingering antibiotic taste in my mouth with a bowl of ice cream. Take that sinuses! You're not the boss of me.

In other news, my dad is attending his 45th class reunion this weekend. Quote: "Well I paid the money so I might as well show up..." Indeed. I think he's looking forward to it, and I hope he has a nice time.

I will spend this weekend moaning weakly, with my head slightly elevated on the couch. I plan to knit when I'm feeling up to it, demand beverages from my helpers, watch an entire DVD of Gossip Girl episodes, and wean Jane. No antibiotics for baby. I've been putting it off for a while because it's so permanent, but she only nurses once a day now, and it's such a sweet quiet moment in the afternoon. Time to let that go, I guess. I suppose this also means I have to join a gym or something...?

Obviously after I feel better, oh and after I make Wren's quilt, and that other quilt, and do my homework. Okay maybe I'll just try to walk the dog more.

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jessie said...

Maybe next time you get one of these I will live close by and take the girls for the day. Sorry you are so sick. . .sickening.