Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ramona is Whining and I Have No Idea Why

I want to share some things I am really liking this fall:

I've loved Moop for a long time, and their addition of another bag to the mix is not going to help me come to a conclusion in my years-in-the-making decision between the market bag and the fraulein bag. But the new one is pretty.

Nikoart- A little stamp shop. I bought the Red Riding Hood set for a friend and it came wrapped in prettiest little blue box with a rainbow ribbon. Craftpudding also has an amazingly cute selection, if you are into stamping, which I am really not, but they are still adorable.

The little blue elf hat I made for Jane turned out so embarrassingly badly that I'm not even going to show a picture. I did a craft book swap many months ago, and I think it's time to ask for my Amy Karol book back because I think there was an actual pattern in there. Hurray for embracing patterns.

And finding non-bank-breaking, non-poisonous, and non-breaking in general alternatives to all our plastic Ikea dishes and cups got easier when Chase remembered that Ten Thousand Villages sometimes has dishes. So now we need to find cups and we'll be set.

Also, I have a coat that I'm happy with. I found it last February at Goodwill, and so really it's only been through half a winter, and it still counts as a new coat. But, but... have you seen this? And this? I am banning myself from the store. Because anything on that page is a big chunk out of the grocery budget, or in some cases the ENTIRE grocery budget. But still. They are lovely.

I am also hoping to make an Advent Calendar for Wren this year- I think she's old enough to have a great time with it, and I'm trying to decide between a candy one, or an ornament one. There are some really great, (and really intense) ideas out there.

If you want, I'd love to hear what you are enjoying this fall...

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rachel said...

yet again, it feels like you've been digging through my bookmarks. is library school just code for spy school?

i have a half-finished version of the pink chalk studio advent calendar crammed under my sewing table. it's been there for over a year. i even have a thoughtfully chosen assortment of buttons in an envelope somewhere just waiting to be sewn on to it.

oh, and the answer to moop is market. i attempted to make my own in olive duck cloth. fail. :(