Wednesday, October 29, 2008

End of Summer

I can't believe these are pictures from a few days ago- It was 35 degrees here last night. No more playing outside in just a diaper for you, Jane.

Finger-painting quickly becomes full-body painting around here, leading immediately to clothes, appliances, and furniture painting, once we come inside.

That particular work of art went to Grandma, but I'm saving most of the roll of butcher paper for wrapping Christmas gifts in a few months. This fall seems to be racing by, but I guess fall really always does that. It's exacerbated this time by my school deadlines. Nothing gives me a stomachache like a group project. Ugh. I guess a group project involving math would truly be the worst, but a group project on Texas TEK standards for elementary education is also a bummer. At least now I know for sure I DO NOT want to be a school librarian.

And to brighten your morning, an awesome comic:

Hark, A Vagrant!

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