Saturday, October 4, 2008


Everyday I tell Chase "I really think my cold peaked today. I think I'm getting better. So far I have been very wrong. I've been taking pictures but I think the sheer amount of snot in my body has cost me the ability to focus, because they're all pretty blurry. That's a picture of a little banner type thing I made for Wren a long time ago. It recently found a new home on our porch, next to my bright yellow lantana (my mom's favorite flower). It's not long enough to go around the whole porch, just one side. Those things are the easiest thing ever to whip up, and I've actually seen a tutorial for them using just various shapes and clear plastic thread that looked awesome. I'm thinking about making some of the felt scraps I'm always finding bunched up in my sewing basket into leaves, and sewing a little fall banner like that. Too Martha? HEY I LIKE FALL. Even this cold cannot change my mind. I'll make a banner if I want to.

If my pictures had come out, they would be of a really yummy peach and blueberry pie, a super successful attempt at tikka masala (which I could actually taste! hurrah!) and a little elf hat I'm working on for Jane. It's blue to match her eyes (Awwwww). This is the recipe we used for the masala, but if you do it, follow the advice in the comments and take out almost all the salt.

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